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    Unit 321
    Walnut Creek, CA 94597
Main:    (925) 302-9290
Fax:      (925) 682-3211
Urgent: (925) 457-0120
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About Us

Bay Area Care Facilities has been providing optimum care for patients and residents for a decade, and has constantly strived to maintain the highest standards and level of care, suited to the individual.

We consider ourselves somewhat of a designer care facility, in that all clients/residents are treated in a unique fashion, tailored to their individual specific needs.

Our caregiving staff is well trained and licensed, having passed Community Care licensing Tests and Continuing Education requirements, and our handpicked direct service staff is trained with strong emphasis on privacy, preservation of dignity, and relationship building. If they gave out licenses for compassion, they would all be recipients of high order.

We know what a family struggles with when a loved ones require support and care away from their familiar home. It is often agonizing and stressful to enlist 'strangers' to the care of this cherished family member, but there is no need to worry - you are now under the care of carepoint management.

Bay Area Care Facilities locations include Walnut Creek, Concord, San Ramon, Orinda, Danville, Lafayette, and new facilities in the works.

We feel that nutrition, interaction, and emotional support are more valuable than just a warm bed. Tell us what you want for your loved one, and we will find for you the most trusted facilities which fit your preferences. To know more about us, you may contact us at - (925) 302-9290.